Red Bull Crashed Ice

Louis-Philippe Dumoulin


Current World Ranking: 6th

Is this your first Red Bull Crashed Ice? When and where else have you competed?
I was second in Quebec 2008, fourth in Davos, 2009, and made the quarter finals in Quebec 2009.

How have you been preparing?
Going to the gym, skiing and skating.

What is your hockey background?
Junior AAA

Why did you decide to compete at Red Bull Crashed Ice?
As a personal challenge, to push my limits.

Which skills will help you the most at Red Bull Crashed Ice?
My size, strength and stability.

One thing we should definitely not know about you?

I’m a very bad loser.

Louis-Philippes Detaljer

Om Louis-Philippe


Place of Birth: St. Eustache
Current Residence: Blainville
Profession: Garage manager