Take our Dota 2 3K MMR quiz

You clearly breezed through our first quiz. Here’s the latest obstacle on your trip to the top.
Photo from the ESL One Cosplay of various heroes
These guys seem to know their stuff © Helena Kristiansson/ESL
Af Ollie Ring & Johan Thrane

Dota 2 is an amazingly complex game that provides euphoria at the best of times and misery at the worst. We’ve all been in a marathon game against a Techies where we’ve eventually triumphed through intricate coordination with four people we’ve never met before. Equally, we’ve tried our best to solo support our four carry team only to be killed on repeat and flamed for not having detection. It’s so infuriatingly brilliant that we all come crawling back for more time and time again.

It’s the knowledge of the intricate elements of the game that can make all of the difference when it comes to winning or losing. Knowing the cooldown on Enigma’s ultimate can be the difference between being caught in a five-man Black Hole and pushing to secure a victory.

You obviously have the basics sorted, having breezed through our 1K MMR quiz, so now it’s time to prove you have what it takes to move on up to the next level. Continue your journey on the MMR ladder now and before you know it you could be up there with the best.

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