VIDEO: Anton Krupicka's Colorado Trail Runs

Ultra trail runner Anton Krupicka doesn't explore mountains - he lives in them.
By Josh Sampiero

American ultra-running star Anton Krupicka has been busy filming a new project about mountain running, climbing, and living. It's titled "In the High Country", due out in late July.

Filmmaker Joel Wolpert, who has become friends with Krupicka over the last couple of years, gave us some insight about what "In the High Country" hopes to achieve. "I'm not calling it a documentary," says Wolpert.

"It's more impressionistic. The mountains truly become a character; they are the supporting cast." However, he did give a hint of the film's loosely-planned narrative. "It's about Krupicka's evolution as an athlete. He starts as a runner, becomes a trail runner, then a rock scrambler, and finally a free-solo climber."

One of the most curious moments in the trailer above is watching Krupicka re-tread a running shoe with a climbing shoe sole, creating a mutant running/climbing hybrid. Does it work? Well, when you watch Krupicka scramble up some pretty steep looking rock, fast, one can only assume it does.

This summer Anton Krupicka is planning a 145km traverse on the Continental Divide in Colorado, passing 14 different 14,000ft (4,300m) peaks.

Keep an eye out for the release of "In the High Country" soon. 

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