Inverted wingsuit flight over the Dolomites

The Soul Flyers aerial sports team takes you on quite a ride. Hold on tight!
By Josh Sampiero

Soul Flyer's Fred Fugen's name should be Fred 'Flugen' – that's how much time he spends in the air. Having executed his first skydive at the mere age of ten, it's obvious that he's comfortable in the air. Having executed over 15,000 jumps since, the French flying master is one of the most talented wingsuit BASE jumpers in the world.

Teammate Vincent Reffet – also in the video – isn't far behind, with 13,000 jumps to his name. Between the two of them, they, along with other aerial specialists form the core of the Soul Flyer skydiving and human flight team.

In the video above, Fugen and Soul Flyer teammate Vince Reffet execute one of the last jumps of the season in the Dolomites. Watch closely for some impressive aerial acrobatics that truly push the level of wingsuit flying.

We caught them as they were boarding a plane for a month of training in Kuala Lumpur.

"This video is a great example of what we call freeflying, or acrobatic flying," says Fugen. "These are specially-made suits that can inflate whether you're flying on your back or on in normal facedown position, keeping the wing pressure needed for controlled flight."

Also impressive? The video was made with footage from fellow wingsuit pilot Jean-Philippe Teffaud, who filmed with a helmet cam while soaring alongside the duo as they went inverted, initiated synchronized spins, and put together one of the coolest wingsuit vidos we've seen to date.

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