Video: paragliding with Veso Ovcharov in Bulgaria

The Red Bull Bird's Eye project soars over the beautiful Balkan mountain range in Bulgaria.
By Evan David

Veso Ovcharov and friends like to fly. While they paraglide all over the world, Bulgaria is still home – and a wonderful place for freeflight.

It was the beauty of Bulgaria that was the inspiration for Ovcharov's video project, Red Bull Bird's Eye. The goal of the project? Simple. See the world from a new angle – the sky.

Rafael Goberna swoops in. © Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool

But rather than the impressive mountain ranges that populate most paraglide videos, the first clip from Red Bull Bird's Eye features something different: the city of Sofia, capital of Bulgaria.

It's home for Ovcharov, who learned to paraglide just twenty minutes outside of the city.

In addition to soaring in thermals under paragliding rigs, Ovcharov and friends also grab airtime via wingsuit and traditional sky-diving – all skills that play well off each other.

The coolest stunt? When they use a powered paragliding rig (paramotor) to initiate a wingsuit skydive.

Hiking to the takeoff. © Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool

To see and learn more about the project, check out our article on Red Bull Bird's Eye – and stay tuned as they explore more of the Balkans and other paragliding locations around the world.

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