POV VIDEO: Join David Lama on Moose's Tooth

New video gives up-close insight on David Lama and Dani Arnold's new line on Moose's Tooth, Alaska.
By Tarquin Cooper

It was a lightning ascent that David Lama blazed almost a year ago. Last April the 23-year-old athlete and Dani Arnold put up a new line, Bird of Prey on Moose's Tooth, 3,139m in Alaska. Now, for the first time, the story of the ascent is told with a new video release that reveals the struggle, pain and joy of the climb.

Just days after landing, the pair set off in characteristic lightweight fashion, hoping to nail the climb in three days. In the end, the route was much harder than they anticipated and they were forced to aid-climb several sections. [This is where climbers pull or stand on gear to overcome difficult sections, rather than just using the natural terrain.]

David Lama at the Piolets d'Or awards in Chamonix © Pascal Tournaire

In the end, they succeeded in putting up a new route up the centre of the 1,500m east face which they named Bird of Prey. The video gives an up-close view of how the pair made the climb.

As Lama says: “It was pretty cool to do a first ascent on the first route in Alaska. And it was a cool line on one of the best faces.”

Now you can do it from the comfort of your armchair.

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