Adventure selfies

In the sky, on the river, or simply shredding – this is how all selfies should be shot!
Don't jump, Jokke!
Jokke's just joking around, he swears
By Andrew T Crafts

It's not like the selfie is anything, but a certain song has had everyone laughing about it a little bit more lately. Us? We think selfies are cool... if you're doing something cool. So we asked our favorite athletes and adventurers to send us their favorite #selfie. And what happened? We're jealous.

Risky selfie
Says photographer Krystle Wright: “This image was taken by balancing my 1Dx + 24mm 1.4 in an open dry bag on my kayak. It's a bit nerve wracking, especially thinking that if I rolled the kayak or even lost balance for a moment, there goes $10,000!” Read about the trip she took it on here.

Risky selfie © Krystle Wright

Skydive selfie
Veso Ovcharov sends us this selfie of his first sky dive over the North Shore of Oahu. Want to see more shots of the non-selfie sort? Hit his photogallery.

Skydive selfie

Hangin’ out of a heli
Jokke Sommer loves to hang out in Hawaii – especially when he's literally hanging out of a helicopter. While this does indeed look dangerous, worry not – he's wearing a BASE jumping rig. What else does Jokke like to do? Fly under bridges in the Alps.

Jokke Sommer takes a selfie while hanging out of a helicopter way above Hawaii
Hangin' out of a heli © Jokke Sommer

Foot-shot selfie
Speed pilot Gavin McClurg shares a GoPro shot from a session in Northern BC, Canada. He and and his friend have done some insanely long x-country paragliding trips, too.

Foot-shot selfie © Gavin McClurg

South American selfie
Brody Leven says: “And after nearly a month of living in a van while driving through Patagonia, we finally reached El Chalten, Argentina. And then I skied in the shadow of Fitz Roy. And all was okay!” Read about his trip here.

South American selfie © Brody Leven

South Pacific selfie
Tom de Dorlodot high over the islands of the South Pacific. Read more about his incredible trip here.

South Pacific selfie © Tom de Dorlodot

Skyak selfie
Miles Daisher skydives in a ... kayak? Yep, a kayak. Want to know what it's like to BASE jump with Miles? Find out.

Skyak selfie © Miles Daisher

Super Frenchie selfie
Matthias Giraud, known to many as 'Superfrenchie', sent us this BASE jump selfie. Now that's a happy man!

Super-frenchie selfie © Matthias Giraud

Ryan sent us this directly from his phone. “On my way to do some heli-filming up on a few of the ridges in the Drakensberg Mountains!” Read about his incredible record-setting run across one of the hardest trails in the world.

Sandes' heli-selfie © Ryan Sandes

Going Pro
Instagram celebrity, GoPro production assistant, and well-known ladies' man Caleb Farro is often chasing pro free-skiers for aerial shots – but has been known to score a few himself.

Going pro © Caleb Farro

Says Chris Davenport: “I took this during my project to ski the 100 highest peaks in Colorado. This day on 13,841ft Hagerman Peak was a highlight. I have 16 peaks left to climb and ski in 2014, along with my partners Ted and Christy Mahon, to become the first to complete this ski mountaineering feat – read more at!” Oh, and by the way, if you want to see what it feels like to get caught in an avalanche, Chris can show you.

Insta-selfie © Chris Davenport

Snow selfie
Windsurfer Jason Polakow likes to shred the snow, too. He went and nabbed this just for us. “This was taken in Canada during a day of heli-boarding. I look forward every year to hitting the snow right after a big dump!” Of course, Jason also has been known to catch a few waves...

Polakow + Powder © Jason Polakow

Selfie under the rainbow
Says Rafa Ortiz: “As we were paddling down a source-to-sea descent of the Amazon, we paddled under this crazy spillage waterfall from a dam. I wanted to take the photo, but the vortex was slowly pulling me in. Finally put the camera away and paddled hard to make it out safely.” Watch some more of Rafa's adventures in Mexico here.

Somewhere under the rainbow... © Rafa Ortiz

Will's wide open world
Says Will Gadd: “Flying over the Grand Canyon. Christian Pondella photo, but I hit the shutter! I knew in this photo that I had the far rim of the canyon on glide, but some of the trees were on fire... Great memory!” Of course, paragliding isn't the only kind of fun Will has. He's also a movie stunt double.

Will's wide open world © Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

“I was inverted”
Horacio Llorens performs during the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal over the valley of Roldanillo, Colombia. While exciting, this isn't nearly as dangerous as the time he got lost in the ocean...

Horacio Llorens performs during the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal over the valley of Roldanillo, Colombia on January 16th, 2013
I was inverted © Camilo Rozo/Red Bull Content Pool
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