Amazon Dive: You would not jump out of this tree!

It’s a jungle out there. Orlando Duque and Eber Pava dive from great heights into the Amazon.
By Evan David

The Amazon is a wet and wild place – from the crowded cities to the jungles where one must leave civilisation behind.

It is here that Orlando Duque and Eber Pava are on a unique search in a location simply teeming with life – but the kind of life they're looking for doesn't move. The cliff-diving veterans are looking for ways to connect their sport even closer to nature – by finding the incredibly tall Ceiba trees, which will hopefully allow them to dive into the murky, muddy Amazon River far below.

Diving off a tree into the Amazon brings even more risks to an inherently risky sport. Cliffs offer a stable place, and seawater is often deeper and clearer – with less chances of a fallen tree (or a caiman, the Amazon version of a crocodile) floating by. “It makes it much more exciting for me,” says Pava, “and it is way more natural as well.”

Seemingly endless searching revealed a 17m-high tree, over deep water, that held promise – but after the crew spent hours rigging a safety platform while being swarmed by countless numbers of bugs that bite, the result wasn't good. “After the first dive, we realised that branch wasn't strong enough to safely support us,” says Duque. “It's better that we don't waste any more time here, and keep on searching.”

Stay tuned for the next episode to see what Duque and Pava will find as their search through the Amazon continues…

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