Take a POV paragliding flight over Hawaii

Join pilots Veso Ovcharov and Petar Loncar in this video as they soar above the islands of Hawaii.
By Tarquin Cooper

If you want to fly like a bird, there's only sport that comes close. Yes, wingsuit flying may offer a high octane adrenaline ride but it mimics only one aspect of flight – diving. Soaring about the clouds and thermalling like a bird of prey? For that you need a paragliding rig.

Paragliding paradise © Jorge Atramiz

In this clip, join paraglider pilot Veso Ovcharov and Petar Loncar as they enjoy some spectacular flights above the islands of Hawaii. The Pacific archipelago is well known for its surfing, hiking and biking, but less explored is its paragliding potential.

Hawaii is an incredible place


Haleakala hangout © Jorge Atramiz

Says Veso: “Hawaii is an incredible place for so many sports but it's amazing that there can be dozens of surfers in the water, yet no one in the sky.”

He adds: “I didn't research much about paragliding in Hawaii before I came, but the truth is, the conditions are really good!”

Veso Ovcharov flying along the Hawaiian coast.
Hawaii Paragliding © Jorge Atramiz

What more can we say? Just sit back and enjoy some incredible flights above the island chain – and don't miss the synchronised acro moves from the Bulgarian and Serbian acrobatic maestros.

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