The training game: How to prep for a perfect trip

You can't simply fly 1,800km across the Alps – a multi-week hike and fly takes real planning.
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By Josh Sampiero

It may be a trip, but it's hardly a vacation. 1,800 km across the Alps is no easy task, and it takes not only the right frame of mind, but the right gear. Below, Tom de Dorlodot and Paul Guschlbauer tell us a little bit about both.

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Light is right.
We have to carry everything. This means adapting the gear! So we work directly with the brands to build something that works. Here we'll have no accompaniment. Every day I'd clean the clothing, and use it again. You get more radical. I took an e-book and I read twelve pages. I'll take MP3 stories.

You walk like you eat.
What does that mean? If you eat right, you walk right. Says Tom: “I also lose weight when I do adventures. I'm bringing a measuring tape, and if I'm losing weight, it will tell me what to eat differently.


Paul Guschlbauer and his supporter Sara Gudelius prepare for a training session for the Red Bull X-Alps above Brauneck in Lenggries, Germany on June 8th 2013
Paul Guschlbauer plans his route. © Vitek Ludvik/Red Bull Content Pool

Sleep tight, hike right.
Five hours asleep is enough. “You can train for that! Before X-Alps I was going to sleep at the exact time and reducing my sleep time,” says Tom. “Your body adapts and you get into deep sleep faster.” However, he and Paul will not do that for long distances during the Adriatic Circle - it's not a sprint.

Start slow
You'll be full of excitement at the beginning – it's tempting to move fast, says Paul. “The second or the third day, exhaustion kicks in, and that's not good!”

Suffer more now to suffer less later.
You've got to train – it pays off when you hit the trail.

Know the terrain, know the game.
Paul Guschlbauer says, “The reason I was so fast in the 2011 Red Bull X-Alps, I knew every path and every option. In 2013, it didn't work because I was well-planned but not confident enough in my reactivity to what was happening on the course.” The take-away? Know where you're going, and know what to do when you get there.

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