Go for a POV paraglide ride on the Adriatic Circle

Check out some POV video from Tom de Dorlodot and Paul Guschlbauer crossing through Italy.
By Josh Sampiero

Just ten days into The Adriatic Circle, Paul Guschlbauer and Tom de Dorlodot have battled heat, rain and wind – and we mean plenty of all three – in their quest to complete a 1,800km circumnavigation of the Alps. Nevertheless, they've got 400km under their belts, and are charging forward relentlessly. We've just got the first dump of footage from the two hiker-pilots and their Garmin cameras, which you can see above.

Picking up mileage on the Adriatic Circle.
Walking, walking... © Tom de Dorlodot

They're currently navigating a challenging section of the trip with take-offs few and far between. At night, they've been taking shelter in mountain huts or the home of generous people they've met on the road. “There's always somewhere dry to sleep,” says Tom. The strategy is simple: forward progress, no matter what. “It's all about keeping moving,” says Tom, as the two squeeze in distance-efficient flights between storms.

Picking up mileage on the Adriatic Circle.
Under way under the clouds © Paul Guschlbauer

But for now, much of their time has been doing more tiresome and less-efficient hiking. “The goal when walking is about 40, 45km per day,” says Tom. ”If we can get a good line flying, it's possible to cover 150km or more!” In the meantime, be sure to follow Tom and Paul's progress on the Live Tracking page – or check them out Paul on Facebook or Tom on Instagram.

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