1,000km done! Watch the Adriatic Circle clip #2

Rain’s been the name of the game so far. When will the clouds clear and let the boys fly free?
By Evan David

Any real adventurer knows the truth: real journeys aren't all sunshine and blue skies. Sometimes, the reward is in the struggle. But a dry day every now and again might be nice!

Despite the inclement weather, our intrepid adventurers have kept their spirits high, having completed over 1,000km of their journey.

Or, you know... wherever we land.
“I think we should go that way...” © Paul Guschlbauer

It's an impressive number, especially considering that they've covered significantly more distance on foot (about 700km) than in the air (about 300km). To give you an idea of how much more efficient air travel is, they've only spent 27 hours in the air versus 270+ on the ground - meaning they've covered 30% of their trip so far in 10% of their time.

Or, you know... wherever we land.
Big hills, small steps... © Paul Guschlbauer

Since the video-footage has arrived via snail-mail, we're a few days behind. They've now had a couple big flights, and made it to Chamonix and Mt Blanc, but are still hanging out in the rain. You can get regular updates about where they are at here, or follow Tom de Dorlodot and Paul Guschlbauer on the map using our Live Tracker.

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Coming down from the takeoff © Paul Guschlbauer
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