Get a bird’s-eye view with these drone images

These crazy newfangled flying machines offer incredibly unique ways to capture aerial images.
Riders touring with their quad over the Algodones Sand Dunes in California, a 40-mile area of dunes as high as 300m
Quad Tour in the Algodones Sand Dunes © Peter McBride
By Marc Schwarz

The selfie? That's so 2013. This year, it's all about the attack of the drones. Lightweight, remote-controlled, un-manned aircraft capable of hauling your GoPro or DSLR high above the earth, drones have produced some of the best aerial photography and videography we've ever seen. Check out some of our favorites below.

Sand Drones (above)
The Algodones Sand Dunes in California  encompass 40 miles of dunes, some as high as 100m. The afternoon sun offers a canvas of light and shadow for the drone photographer.

Kite flight
A drone chases down a kite race from above at the International Kite Surf Festival in Rodrigues.

Kitesurfers riging over the sea at the International Kite Surfing Festival in Rodrigues Island, shot from a drone camera
Rodrigues Island – not too shabby for kitesurfing ©

Soaring the sea
Rodrigues offers incredible beaches from which to launch a kite – and they look even better from above.

Kitesurfers riging on a Mauritius beach at the International Kite Surf Festival at Rodrigues Island.
Kitesurfing venues don't get much more scenic ©

Swiss SUP
Lake Geneva takes on an enchanting green color when seen from above, as a paddleboarder calmly strokes across the clear water.

A woman stand up paddling on the Lake Geneva in Switzerland, shot from a drone camera
Lake Geneva looks even more beautiful from above © Chris Schmid

Climbing high
A drone buzzes around some climbers on a big wall project in Les Contamines-Montjoie, France.

Climbers in the middle of a wall in Les Contamines in France.
That's not the sound of a mosquito. © ppelletdoyen / Dronestagram

Want to see the world through the eyes of an eagle? This shot may be as close as you can get. Image thanks to

Dronetagram contest winner 2014 of an Eagle flying in Bali Barat National Park in India
Now this is a proper birds-eye-view! © Capungaero / Dronestagram

River running
A kayaker paddles through some whitewater on the Reuss River in central Switzerland.

Kayaking down the the Reuss River in Switzerland in an aerial shot from a drone camera.
Kayaking through a tight gap © Chris Schmid

Slack Flying
Jérémy Thétaz walking on a space waterline in 'les îles' near Sion, Switzerland. Benefit of a drone? It doesn't disturb the serenly still water – or blow him off the slack line like a normal helicopter.

Jérémy Thétaz walking on a waterline near Sion, Swizerland, in 2013
Jérémy Thétaz waterline drone image © nicolas sedlatchek

David and the drone
David Lama climbs up the Trango (Nameless) Tower in Pakistan. Note: unlike the drone, David is not battery-powered.

David Lama climbing the Nameless Tower in Pakistan in shot captured on a drone camera
David Lama climbing in Pakistan © Dedicam/Mammut Archiv/Red Bull Content Pool

Slot shot
James Clulow of New Zealand crossing a 40m highline near Mauvoisin in Switzerland.

James Clulow walking on a highline in Mauvoisin, Switzerland in June 2011, shot on a drone camera
Highlining – very high lining © nicolas sedlatchek

City slacker
Thomas Buckingham highlining over the Aare in Bern, Switzerland.

Thomas Buckingham walking on a highline over the Aare river in Bern, Switzerland in July 2013
Bridges are too simple for Thomas Buckingham © Nicolas Sedlatchek

Stu Gibson captures a kiter at the famous surf spot known as Cloudbreak in Fji.

A Kitesurfer rides a big wave at Cloudbreak in Fiji in a drone camera shot by Stuart Gibson
Kite surfing looks even more impressive from above © Stuart Gibson

Simple Swami's
The famed SoCal surf break known as Swami's offers a cliff for prime viewing. Or, you know, you can fly your drone over the break.

The legendary Swammi's surf break at Encinitas, California, shot from the air by a drone camera
Why shoot from the cliffs when you've got a drone © Stuart Gibson

Flight over white
A surfer surrounded whitewater during large storm surf at Swami's Beach in Encinitas.

A surfer chasing the whitewater during large storm surf at Swamis Beach.
Surrounded by Swammi's whitewater © Donald Miralle

Fly to tri
Professional Triathlete Jordan Rapp goes for a training ride through Grimes Canyon in Thousand Oaks, California. Can the drone keep up with him? Not downhill!

Professional triathlete Jordan Rapp cycling up an empty road in Grimes Canyon, California, in November 2013
The loneliness of a long-distance triathlete © Donald Miralle

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