Be amazed by this incredible freeflight video

Looking back at the mindblowing flying adventures of Tom de Dorlodot, Horacio Llorens and friends.
By Josh Sampiero

Are you ready for take-off? We hope so – this ride isn't stopping for a while.

Over the past few years, freeflight athlete Tom de Dorlodot and friends like Horacio Llorens and Paul Guschlbauer have been exploring the world under a wing – and it's a wonderful world indeed.

The new clip from The Search Projects is called 'Anthology', and features footage from the Tuamotus, Pakistan, Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia. And don't be daunted by the video's six-minute length – trust us, it's worth it.

Pyrenees paragliding © SEARCH Productions

While all of the locations provided fantastic flying, undoubtedly one of the most memorable trips for de Dorlodot and Llorens was their South Pacific boat trip among the Tahitian and Marquesas Islands, among others. “I want to travel all around the world in a sailboat,” says Tom. We're pretty sure he's doing enough on his paraglider!

Which way's up?
Horacio Llorens, hucking it! © Camilo Rozo/Red Bull Content Pool

If you're in need of a quick adrenaline fix, might we suggest some of the recent footage from Aaron Durogati's Red Bull Peaks Trilogy project, but if you've got a few minutes for some of the most stunning aerial cinematography you'll see outside of an IMAX, we highly suggest clicking 'play' on the video above.


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