See (and feel) what it’s like to run 400m uphill

Red Bull 400 may be the hardest short race in the world – so how did our girl Dominique Granger do?
By Dominique Granger

It's just 400m long, and 36 degrees uphill – that's like a normal set of stairs, right? Sure, tough guy. We were too wussy to try it ourselves, so we sent pint-sized reporter Dominique Granger to give it a go in Titisee-Neustadt in Germany.

Watch this Red Bull 400 POV clip

From Dominique:

400m: it can’t be that bad! That’s what I told myself until the moment when I saw the ski ramp I would have to run up. Uh-oh… what did I get into? Well, what I got into was the toughest 400m of my life.

I had the feeling my lungs were going to burst, that my heart was pounding so hard I thought we would hear it on the camera, and calf muscles so tight I was wondering if they would ever relax again. As tough as it is physically, the challenge is also mental. I knew my body could do it, but pushing through pain is where the real challenge lay.

Dominique Granger after the finish at Red Bull 400.
Now that's out of breath © Flo Hagena/Red Bull Content Pool

But challenges are amazing: once you succeed, it’s like if the aching muscles, taste of lactic acid in your throat and sweat stinging your eyes just fade like old memories to leave room for a thirst for another challenge…

So, would I do it again? Of course!

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Red Bull 400
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