See an eagle chase down a chamois in the Alps

Authentic high alpine drama at its finest – a bird of prey and a mountain goat in a battle for life.
An eagle in flight in the Alps.
Soaring over the Alps © © Terra Mater Factual Studios / Oliver Oppitz
By Josh Sampiero

Wildlife cameraman Otmar Penker knows the European Alps and it's wildlife like the back of his hand.

So, it should be no surprise that he was the one to capture this dramatic, un-staged meeting of an eagle and a chamois, known locally to the German-speaking population as a 'gams'.

Both animals command immense respect among those that know the mountains, and the imagery, sounds, and rawness of the video below will show you why. 

Watch an eagle chase down a mountain goat

The video, released in Austria earlier this week, quickly picked up millions of views – and caused a minor uproar among those who assumed the battle was staged or induced.

Otmar Penker assures it wasn't – and it can be seen in the explanation video below. To get a shot like this for a nature filmmaker is 'like winning Olympic Gold', according to Penker. "Out there in the wilderness, it's most important for me to show life in it's natural behaviour," says Penker.

To be very clear, the eagle gripping the goat is not trained by a falconer – although the eagle in some of the other more cinematic shots is. The chance to witness this unusual spectacle of nature had even the longtime wildlife professional amazed. 

Hear Otmar Penker talk about the clip

While the shot and the action is real, it is part of a fictional movie starring Jean Reno, produced by Terra Mater Factual Studios, entitled Brothers of the Wind (German title Wie Brüder im Wind), the emotional story of a father and son, set in the Alps.

Find out more about the film on its Facebook page or by searching hashtags #WieBrüderimWind ‪#‎BrothersOfTheWind‬. 

Release dates:
Czech Republic: December 24, 2015
Slovak Republic: December 24, 2015
Germany: January 28, 2016
Switzerland: January 28, 2016
Austria: January 29, 2016
Alto Adige: January 29, 2016
Spain: Spring 2016
France: Spring 2016
Poland: May 13, 2016
Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania: Spring/Summer 2016
South Korea: Spring 2016

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