This 60-second clip gives you a feeling of falling

What does it feel like to jump off a cliff? Watch this video and find out.
BASE jumping in Zakynthos, Greece, shot by Kontizas Dimitrios
A beach base jump © Kontizas Dimitrios/Red Bull Illume Image Quest
By Gunther Geist

The feeling of falling is one most of us are familiar with – that millisecond when you're off your feet, but before you hit the ground.

Of course. few get to truly experience falling like a BASE jumper – who exit the earth anywhere from 100m to 1000m above the surface.

Watch the video below to see some (very) quickly approaching ground. 

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60 seconds that will make you feel like you’re falling

So what else can we say about the feeling of freefall? Well, we'd start with this: if you're going to jump, you'd better know where you going to land.

Our favourite example of this? Watch the BASE jumper known as Sketchy Andy stick one of the most impressive (and sketchiest) landings ever – on TOP of a rock tower in the Moab Desert

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