See Jason Polakow windsurf a mega-wave at Nazaré

The first ever windsurf session at the Atlantic’s biggest, meanest, monster-sized wave.
By Josh Sampiero

Nazaré, Portugal. 120km north of Lisbon. A wave that went from relative obscurity a mere 10 years ago to centre-stage for big wave surfing any time a winter storm sends massive swell rolling across the Atlantic. If Maui’s Jaws is big-wave heaven, Nazaré might be big-wave hell – dark, cold, and intimidating, it’s given many surfers a beat-down they won’t soon forget.

All of which made it incredibly enticing to big-wave chaser Jason Polakow. “Nazaré is unique. I’ve surfed all the big waves, and this is the most challenging,” says Jason. "Waves come in from different angles… there’s not one spot where you can take off.”

See him catch one in the video below.

Jason Polakow at Nazaré

Flanked by an imposing cliff with a lighthouse, Nazaré sits at the apex of a deep canyon that funnels huge North Atlantic swells into a single spot close to the shore. Those swells wedge together to form giant liquid mountains up to 30m tall, and attract a few big wave surfers from all around the world during the winter months. It was most famously tackled by big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara in 2011, and has been on the radar ever since – but Jason Polakow is the first windsurfer to ride at what many would consider the world’s most intimidating break.

“The first time I saw the video of Garrett, I knew there was potential to windsurf it,” says Jason. “I could see the wind on the outside. But it took a few years to get here and get the conditions lined up right.” Despite the slim chances, Polakow was training hard to handle not only the ride, but the wipeout. “It’s been a great winter on Maui, with lots of big swells,” he says. “I wouldn’t wipe out on purpose, but when I did, I’d really focus on relaxing and keeping my heart rate down."

Windsurfer Jason Polakow in front of the famous Nazaré lighthouse
In front of the famous Nazaré lighthouse © Helio Antonio

While Jason’s confidence in the waves is key, so is a competent safety team. Polakow relied on locals with expert knowledge of the break to provide the safety needed during the six-hour sesh on Tuesday,  February 2. During the sesh, he only caught a “a few good waves,” in his words. “This isn't Maui,” he says. “You don’t come out here for 20 fun waves. You come out, and you feel good if you get one or two unbelievable rides.”

Jason Polakow on the ride of a lifetime at Nazaré in Portugal
The safety watches the action © Jorge Leal

Now that he’s proved it’s possible, he wants more – Nazaré is regarded as being able to hold the biggest waves in the world, and Polakow knows a bigger day is out there. Nevertheless, he’s pretty happy about what he’s got. Says Jason: "It’s definitely like a dream come true to come ride huge Nazaré.”

Jason Polakow
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