Watch this speedrider fly over an avalanche

Who needs an avalanche airbag when you have an eject button that lets you soar above it?
By Josh Sampiero

We all know avalanches are to be avoided. But Frenchman Valentin Delluc has a unique way of doing so – flying. Watch the video above as the French speedrider drops into a line on the North Face of the Aguille du Midi, taking a few turns before sending lots of snow sliding down.

Sound dangerous? Well, if you're going to set off an avalanche, it's better to have a wing attached.

Speedriding is the perfect sport for Mont Blanc, says Delluc, because you can then access lines you otherwise couldn't ski. Without a glide, you'd run into un-makeable cliff bands. Plus, with the speedwing, he can make up to 10 runs in a day – many more than he could just on skis.

Just because he has an eject button though, he isn't ignoring the conditions. "I'm always careful about avalanche danger," Delluc says. "You can never know for sure what will happen under your feet. I had the feeling this face would slide when we skied it. When we know there is a danger, we always take care to ride very fast, because the wing is more reactive and you can take off quicker over the avalanche."

Want to see more of Delluc's speedriding adventures? Check out this incredible clip. 

Valentin Delluc
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