See this downhill skateboarder hit a record 130kph

For Erik Lundberg, breaking the world speed record is all about staying focused and still.
By Corinna Halloran

When Erik Lundberg stood at the top of a hill in Quebec, Canada, gearing up to break the speed record for downhill skateboarding, he wasn't concerned with falling from his longboard at lightning speeds.

There was no reason to think about anything else other than his starting kicks, his tuck, and staying as aerodynamic as possible to break the world record for the fastest ever downhill run.

Erik Lundberg gets ready to bomb the hill
Erik Lundberg gets into his tuck to bomb the hill © Matt Kienzle
Erik Lundberg goes into his tuck at the top of the hill
Erik Lundberg in his tuck at the top of the hill © Matt Kienzle

After a few practice runs, the Swedish longboarding legend knew the run's line pretty well – where the fastest and smoothest pavement was and, that at about half way, the hill steepened to an 18 percent gradient and seemed to disappear out from under him with just a view of the ocean ahead. He was ready, he just needed to go.

"You need to be real with yourself. You need to be calm, stable, and super-focused. You need to be in the moment because you're trying not to move at all. You need to be locked in the moment," Lundberg said.

Erik Lundberg bombs the short steep hill
Erik Lundberg bombs the short steep hill © Emma Daigle

But when Lundberg reached the bottom of the hill and whizzed past the speed clock at the incredible speed of 130.63kph, he opened his body to slow down and all of the adrenaline stored in his aerodynamic body surged out.

"You want to smile when you're going down, but you have to focus and not move. You celebrate after the run," he says.

Erik Lundberg takes the curve on the hill
Erik Lundberg takes the curve during speed record © Emma Daigle

When rocketing downhill, the most important thing is to be as still as possible and, with each run, try to continuously perfect every little thing to reach maximum speed. In most cases, it takes quite a few runs to perfect your position. Lundberg however broke the speed record for downhill skateboarding on just his fifth run down the hill.

Breaking the record actually surprised Lundberg because the odds were somewhat against him. The weather, humidity, street permit, and the new condition of his gear all could have easily slowed him down to the point of not reaching the unbelievable speed. Fortunately though, everything fell into place in that moment and now Erik Lundberg is officially the holder of the world record for the fastest downhill skateboard run.

"The rush that goes through your body is incredible. You're vibrating with adrenaline and happiness," he said once the incredible rush wore off.

Erik Lundberg opens up his arms to slow down after bombing the short steep hill
Erik Lundberg slows down after bombing the hill © Emma Daigle

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