Meet the man who pushes Urbex to the next level

Oleg Cricket: the man who will take you on a tour of a city in a way you never thought possible.
By Corinna Halloran

Meet Oleg Cricket, the 25-year-old Siberian who has zero fear of heights and is continuously pushing the sport of Urbex. Oleg lives in Moscow and is capitalising on the city’s incredible buildings prime for urban exploration (aka Urbex). Oleg, through his incredible stunts and photography has helped catapult Urbex into the viral heights it has reached. And Red Bull TV’s show, Urbex (that premieres today), is bringing you all of Oleg’s most intense (and epic) action from his urban explorations.

Most people wouldn’t even dream about running full speed to the edge of a 150m building. But then most people aren’t Oleg.

“Fear has never stopped me. I’ve never experienced it. I’m actually curious to feel what ordinary people feel. Maybe I was born with some disorder, absence of fear factor, I don’t know.”

Oleg Cricket

Whether it’s climbing up crane’s ladders (without his hands), hanging off buildings (with one hand), leaping over buildings, or full handstands on a skyscraper’s edge, there doesn’t seem to be anything Oleg isn’t capable of doing hundreds of metres in the air. These tricks are normal for Oleg too (trust us, he’s not crazy). If his stunts prove anything, it shows that Oleg is a rare individual.

“Someone who has never had any training, who hasn’t over come their fear, shouldn’t do things like this because the outcome can be fatal. I am a showman, I like putting on a show. I see myself as a unique guy who’s trying to conquer the world.”

Oleg Cricket

And it’s this conquering of the world that compels Oleg to go further and further with his exploration. Like the early explorers before him, Oleg expands the world for the rest of us who prefer to keep our feet close to the ground. The best part? We no longer have to hear the stories—thanks to Urbex (and a few GoPros), the craziest stunts are in our lap.

The entire Urbex series is officially live so head here and learn more about the explorers and their awesome adventures.

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