This is how you board a flight in style

When you’re freerunner Jason Paul, boarding last call is an excuse for serious airport adventure.
By Henner Thies

We've all had to sprint across the airport to make a flight at some point, usually because of heavy traffic delays. Frankly, there's nothing worse than that panicked feeling that your holiday might be delayed by 24 hours, or more. Jason Paul might never know that feeling however.

Somersaults off trollies, flips over escalators and daring jumps from the gangway – Paul tries everything in his power in make a flight to Ibiza in his new video Last Call For Mr Paul

"As soon as I hear the annoucement, 'this is the last call for Mr Paul', I imagine being stuck in a video game," Paul said. "It's like my personal version of Mission Impossible."

We sat down with him to find out what it took to make that flight.

Airports – the freerunner’s paradise that can never be

Jason Paul freeruning inside Munich Airport in Germany for his film Last Call For Mr Paul
Jason Paul turns Munich Airport into a playground © Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool

"The most thrilling part is that freerunning at an airport is actually forbidden, which is a shame, because he special architecture an airport like the one in Munich entails, ideally suits a freerunner's needs and dreams," laughs Paul. "So far I've seen at least one amazing spot in every airport that I've traveled to. Of course we have already tried freerunning at airports before, but the outcome is always the same – someone comes along and tells us to stop, otherwise we get the chop!"

Dream big and you might get the chance

A sequence photo of freerunner Jason Paul flipping over a baggage car in Munich Airport, Germany during filming of Last Call for Mr. Paul
Paul somersaults over the baggage car © Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool

"Despite a few 18 hour days I absolutely enjoyed the shoot," Said Paul. "To me it was a truly unique experience. When else do you have the pleasure of utilising an airport like the one in Munich the way you, as freerunner, have always dreamed about?"

The hardest trick wasn’t the last jump... this was

Forerunner Jason Paul makes a huge leap into an airliner at Munich Airport, Germany whilst filming his movie Last Call For Mr Paul
Jason Paul leaps into a plane © Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool

"The biggest challenge was running alongside the moving bus sideways, in mid air. As far as timing is concerned, that was probably the hardest trick of all. It took us several takes to wrap this particular shot up. Up until that sequence was a wrap, we didn't quite know if it was actually possible. In the end we made that fantasy a reality as well, despite all the time pressure and the waning sunlight."

Inspired by greatness

Freerunner Jason Paul flips off the baggage belt in the Munich Airport, German during filming of his movie Last Call For Mr Paul
Flipping off the baggage belt © Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool

"One of the main challenges shooting the clip was having that golden thread throughout the action, which also logically links all the individual tricks," remebered Paul. "As far as chasing scenes and action shots were concerned, Jackie Chan was my main inspiration. So in preparation for the shoot, I watched every movie of his – every single one of them!"

An experience for everyone

Jason Paul slides through a security xray at Munich Airport in Last Call for Mr. Paul
Jason Paul slides through security © Jaanus Ree/ Red Bull Content Pool

"The film crew did an amazing job," said Paul. "The whole shoot was a balancing act between our fantasies and imagination of what we wanted to do, whilst keeping in mind the rules and safety requirements that apply at an international airport. For our video shoot, which is completely fictional, the men and women in charge at Munich Airport had to do a lot to accomodate us."

Jason Paul
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