The very best of Adventure 2016 in 80 seconds

Warning: what you’re about to watch will make you want to spice up your to-do list for 2017.
By Dom Granger

In the past 12 months, we've witnessed some absolutely incredible feats in the adventure world. There have been the kind of stuff that makes you wonder what is there left to achieve? What are they going to come up with next? There was also the type of action and images that made you say things like:

- “WoW!”
- “I want to do this one day.”
- “How do they even...”
- “Oh. My. God.”
- “Whaaaaaaaaat?”
- “How is that even possible?”

Now, imagine the very best of all this action put together in one clip, because that's what you‘re about to witness. So get ready to feel like saying all the above at once.
While it may look like it’s all been done, we can assure you that the potential of what these athletes can achieve is limitless – and you can expect many great things for 2017.

So, click on the player above to enjoy this feast of unrivalled adventure action and check back right here for more big achievements to come!

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