These surf contests require the force of nature

Mother Nature makes it tricky to plan these challenges, but when she delivers, they are spectacular.
Big wave surfing at Red Bull Cape Fear in Sydney, Australia on June 7, 2016
A cold cruncher © Ed Sloane/Red Bull Content Pool
By Josh Sampiero

We're pretty sure putting together an event like the Super Bowl is a fairly tough job – a lot bigger than your average surf contest. But they've got one thing easier: they don't need Mother Nature to deliver the goods. But, while nature can be fickle with conditions, when it's on – it's on, and there's no greater show than Planet Earth. 

As we hang out in the waiting period for the upcoming Red Bull Storm Chase – the world's toughest windsurfing contest – let's take a look at a couple other surf contests that simply don't happen unless Mother Nature wants to play.

Red Bull Cape Fear, the barrel-licious megawave comp

Taking place in Australia at the infamous Cape Fear – aka Ours at Cape Solander, near Sydney – this contest has run twice in the past two years when a mega-swell of suitable proportions has arrived in Botany Bay.

Contest director Mark Mathews has called it, "pound-for-pound, one of the heaviest waves in the world," and if you watch the video, you'll see why – that slab is nothing to mess with. Check out this 'perfect 10' barrel from surfer Russel Bierke.  

King of the Air, the high-flying kite clash 

Next up? A wind-powered battle, this time in South Africa. Red Bull King of the Air, where kiteboarders compete for height, hangtime and style at Capetown's Big Bay. Required? Not exactly Red Bull Storm Chase winds – that's a little too dangerous for kiteboarding – see crash below for reference. 

Oh, and by the way – the waiting period is also on, right now. Check out the Red Bull King of the Air website to find out if the event is on – it will be slightly shorter notice than Red Bull Storm Chase at just 48 hours.

Red Bull Storm Chase, the ultimate windsurf adventure contest 

Finally, our favourite – the ultimate combination of waves and wind, Red Bull Storm Chase. Requiring force 10 winds AND up to 7m waves, there's no other show on earth like this.

Brutally cold, incredibly windy, and yes, more than a little risky, the best storm windsurfers on the planet will be chasing down the next North Atlantic storm to hit. Be sure to tune in on our Facebook for the latest updates

Oh, and in the meantime – check out this little clip from nominated rider Antoine Martin. Hopefully we'll see some of that during Red Bull Storm Chase! 

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