Watch Valentin Delluc speedride through a glacier

You need a very special set of skills to slalom between bits of glacier while speedflying.
By Yann Faucher

For Valentin Delluc, it's almost become his daily routine to produce absolutely breathtaking images of speedriding – the discipline that combines paragliding and freeride skiing.

In his latest video, he chose a playground he knows quite well: the Bossons Glacier in the French Alps. It’s in this same area that he flew at 125kph above an avalanche last year. But by its very nature a glacier is always in movement, so every time he comes back to it, the landscape has changed and the seracs – the ridges of ice on the surface of a glacier – aren't in the same place.

This is exactly what's interesting for Delluc and his flight companion, Ugo Gerola: it allows them to find new lines and offers new images every time they go for a flight.

The two men know each other perfectly, which is a definite prerequisite for flying so close to each other. They also have Senna radio communication systems (radios built for extreme sports) that allow them to stay connected and communicate together at any moment. You can even hear Ugo yell “Parfait!” (perfect!) in the above video.

So, glacier slalom anyone?

Valentin Delluc
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