This is what it’s like to run the GR20 in 31 hours

Watch the Red Bull TV show about François D’Haene’s record run at Europe’s toughest long trail race.
By Paul Gallo and Corinna Halloran

In 31 hours and six minutes, François D'Haene managed to complete the notoriously difficult GR20 in Corsica, doing what would take us normal folk about 15 days. Known as the toughest long distance trail in Europe, the 180km trail winds from north to the south in the island over mountains and cliffs, through dark woods and dusty paths.

Since D'Haene is clearly a super human for setting this super-quick record, we thought it might be a good idea to compare his achievement with the facts of everyday life. Scroll down to find out.

And once you're done feeling slow, pop over to Red Bull TV and watch the full documentary to see how everything went down. 

4AM: The first few steps of a very long run
4AM: The first few steps of a very long run © Damien Rosso/Red Bull Content Pool

May the force be with you
Watch all Star Wars films from beginning to the very, very end, with credits – twice. Or, if you love feeling a little sad, you can watch Tom Hanks in The Green Mile 10 times on a continuous loop.

Francois D'Haene looks tiny amongst the mountains on his World Record run on the GR20, Corsica, France, June 3 2016
Francois D'Haene looks tiny on the GR20 © Damien Rosso/ Red Bull Content Pool

Round and round you go
You know those 400m tracks you see on athletics shows on TV? Well, you’d have make 450 laps of one of them in 31 hours and six minutes to equal the performance of François D'Haene. Doesn’t that seem dizzying to you? Wait for the rest.

The challenge isn't only physical, but mental too
The challenge isn't only physical, but mental too © Damien Rosso/Red Bull Content Pool

Going up and up
"I died a thousand times in Alpe d'Huez," said Chris Froome in 2015 when he’d just saved his yellow jersey from the frenzied attacks of Nairo Quintana. Now imagine telling him that a Frenchman has climbed 12 times the equivalent of this climb without a bicycle.

 A chilly achievement
The interior of a fridge is between 0° and 5°C, and D'Haene lived under the same conditions for 31 hours and six minutes. With occasional rain.

François D'haene during his record run in Corsica © Damien Rosso / Red Bull Content Pool

More than 13,000 calories 
D'Haene burned the equivalent of 54 Big Macs or 52 pizzas. He probably dreamed of eating those things during of race instead of the soup bowls and protein bars.

Never once skip a beat
You know the Michael Jackson tune Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, with its disco tempo of 130bpm? Well, the single edit lasts for three minutes and 58 seconds, so the ultra-trailer D’Haene held his heart rate for an average of 130 heartbeats per minute over 180km. Suffice to say that he’d be the king of the disco.

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