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David Lama’s film is out now on Red Bull TV, but could you answer these questions about Cerro Torre?
David Lama free climbs a smooth rock face with snow and ice on Cerro Torre.
Climbing Cerro Torre: A Snowball's Chance in Hell © Corey Rich/Red Bull Content Pool
By Thomas Wernhart

The Cerro Torre in Patagonia is one of the most iconic, beautiful, but also most difficult peaks to climb in the world.

In 2008 Tyrolean alpinist David Lama set a bold goal – he wanted to freeclimb the notorious Compressor Route.

It took David several attempts but in 2012 he and his partner Peter Ortner completed this alpinistic milestone and summited the 4,000-foot [1,219m] giant with its granite walls and icy top.

In the thrilling documentary Cerro Torre – A Snowball's Chance in Hell you can experience the trip with all its setbacks from up close.

Tune in to Red Bull TV for the full-length feature film.

To give you a little more insight, we have five facts which you probably didn't know about the movie.

Who played the two mountaineering legends, Maestri and Egger?

Brother Peter and Markus Pucher acted in Cerro Torre for the film.
Peter and Markus Pucher acted in Cerro Torre © Cerro Torre

Cesare Maestri and Toni Egger supposedly made the first ascent of the Cerro Torre in January 1959, but Egger tragically died in an ice avalanche during the descent, and all the proof of this feat was gone with him.

In Cerro Torre – A Snowball´s Chance in Hell this story is re-enacted by David's partner Peter Ortner, who slipped into the role of Egger, and the Corinthian mountain guide and ice climber Markus Pucher, who doubled as Maestri.

Pucher also led the project's cameraman, Lincoln Else, on the back side of Cerro Torre to the summit, and thus had a significant influence on the film-making process.

Why is David Lama envious of the film team?

The filmmakers camped on the summit of Cerro Torre during the filming.
An impressive spot to camp at night © Cerro Torre

The production of Cerro Torre – A Snowball's Chance in Hell pushed both the climbers and the team of film producers to their limits.

In 2012, Hayden Kennedy and Jason Kruk chopped out the vast majority of Maestri's bolts left along the Compressor Route and the filming team, who wanted to use these bolts to get the perfect angles of David's ascent, had to quickly adapt to this new situation and change plans.

Instead of preceding David in the difficult route, they had to climb up the icy back side of Cerro Torre. They got rewarded with a perfect night under starry skies in their bivouac on top of the mountain.

David has summitted the Cerro twice, but has only spent about 20 minutes on top of this beautiful mountain and therefore envies the team for their night up the 'cumbre'.

What's David's favourite scene in the movie?

Why did David's climbing partner, Peter Ortner, strip down on the summit?

A naked man on the top of a mountain summit during the climb of Cerro Torre.
Naked on the summit

A little-known secret is that the film’s director, Thomy Dirnhofer, loves to get his picture taken naked after finishing shooting in extraordinary locations.

He would have loved to add a picture from the summit of Cerro Torre to his collection, but despite all his efforts he was unable get up there.

However, Peter Ortner willingly stepped in for him, but in exchange Dirnhofer promised to strip down at the premiere in San Sebastian

. In the end though he backed down because the audience of more than 3,500 people was too much for him – and to this day he still owes Peter.

What's happened in David's life since he reached this summit?

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