New records, old winners at Red Bull 400 Harrachov

Tomas Celko and Adéla Stránská repeat their 2016 wins in the biggest-ever edition of Red Bull 400.
By Katrin Strobl

In a record time of 03m 58.9s Harrachov’s two-time men's winner, Tomas Celko of Slovakia, made it the fastest time ever on the all-natural course and his third win in the series. A strong showing from Slovenians Matjaž Mikloša and Martin Koželj saw them complete the podium in what was the biggest Red Bull 400 event to date, with a grand total of 1,600 participants across seven nationalities.


In the women’s full distance it was a clear win for Czech Adéla Stránska, who beat her own record time by more than three seconds to finish in 4m 48.2s. With second-placed Kateřina Beroušková and Dominika Wiśniewska-Ulfik on third, the podium was reserved for the locals.

While 300 athletes took on the event’s night-sprint premiere over a distance of 230m on Friday, 1,300 laced their football, trail-running or spiked shoes to challenge their calves and thighs up the 37º incline on Saturday. As if 400m within 140m of elevation weren’t hard enough, a rain-soaked track added to the dramatic setting in the very north of the Czech Republic.

64 relay teams – firefighters, men and mixed – divided the distance of the classic track and field lap into four uphill sprints of 100m each. From sprinter to mountain runner and die-hard fitness fanatic, teamwork was once again the main ingredient for a successful race in these categories.

From Harrachov Red Bull 400 continues on to its country of origin, Austria, where Bischofshofen will host the 33rd event on August 26.

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