Grete Eliassen

Everyone should find their passion; mine's skiing!

Grete Eliassen tests out the course
© Lukas Pilz

Hi, my name is Grete Eliassen. My discipline is freeski slopestyle. I was born on 19 September 1986 in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, USA. My special talent is wakeboarding. My philosophy of life is just have fun. The most important person in my life is my little sister, Kirsten. Never forget you. My favourite food is either chinese or pizza. My favourite music is Trina! However I also like hip-hop and rap.


Grete Eliassen doesn’t just want to make her way in the world, she wants to change it. Born to a Norwegian father and American mother in Minnesota in 1986, and with a pick of mountain ranges at her disposal, it wasn't long before Grete was out on the slopes, proving at just two years old that she was already a talent to watch out for. 

At five years old, Grete moved to Norway, returning to the USA a year later. At 13 years old, Grete and her family relocated back to Norway and, despite her inability to speak or write Norwegian, Grete had no difficulty expressing herself on the slopes. Skiing became her escape and she started practicing more and more until, a year later, she got offered a place on the national team. There, Grete's skill progressed quickly. But in 2002 she began to feel pressured into leaving her studies behind and to begin focusing solely on racing. Not wanting to forgo her education, Grete made the difficult decision to postpone her skiing career instead.

Despite this hiatus, on her return to professional skiing, Grete has gone on to achieve some phenomenal results, including back-to-back golds at the Winter X Games, multiple U.S. Open titles, and wins at the European Open, Red Bull Cold Rush and the Dew Tour... not to mention a world record and high profile roles in numerous ski films. To top it all off, she’s also been dubbed Fri Flyt magazine’s ‘Woman Skier of the Decade’ award.

Not only is Grete fast becoming one of the world’s best female skiers, she also has a business marketing degree and has donated thousands of dollars of her prize winnings to charity.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2014
    1. GoPro Shot Winner: Nine Queens

      Serfauss-Fiss-Ladis, Austria

  2. 2013
    1. 3rd Place: World Ski Championships - Slopestyle

      Voss-Myrkdalen, Norway

  3. 2011
    1. Bronze: Winter X Games - Slopestyle

      Aspen, Colorado, USA

  4. 2010
    1. Bronze: Winter X Games - Slopestyle

      Aspen, Colorado, USA

  5. 2009
    1. Silver: Winter X Games - Slopestyle

      Aspen, Colorado, USA

  6. 2007
    1. Silver: Winter X Games - Ski Superpipe

      Aspen, Colorado, USA

  7. 2006
    1. Gold: Winter X Games - Ski Superpipe

      Aspen, Colorado, USA

  8. 2005
    1. Gold: Winter X Games - Ski Superpipe

      Aspen, Colorado, USA