Dominik Landertinger

The biathlete with an appetite for unrivalled success

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Hi, my name is Dominik Landertinger. My discipline is biathlon. My friends call me Landi. I was born on 13 March 1988 in Braunau am Inn, Germany. My special talent is cycling. My philosophy of life is to enjoy skiing, as it is everything to me; it is my life. The most important person in my life is any one of my family members. My favourite music is Rammstein and Metallica.


Dominik Landertinger is on his way to claiming legendary status. An Olympic silver medallist and member of the Austrian national team, this biathlete doesn’t know the meaning of failure.

After taking the silver medal for his part in the men’s relay skiing event at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, he is now likened to a ‘machine’ out on the cross-country track. He is also almost worryingly talented with a rifle. This impressive combination has enabled him to notch up a lengthy list of podium spots since he first appeared on the scene in 2008.

In addition to his Olympic medals from 2010 and 2014, Dominik also struck gold at the 15km mass start race at the 2009 World Championships in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

However, he was not always hooked on the arduous dual discipline event. Dominik first set his sights on a career as a ski jumper. But he soon realised he had more to offer, and his phenomenal cross-country abilities allow him to take his time on the shooting range, meaning his opponents can never feel safe for a second. Dominik Landertinger is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

In 2016, Dominik helped the Austrian team to fourth place overall in the biathlon world championships, winning numerous individual events along the way.


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Career Highlights

  1. 2016
    1. 2nd Place: Biathlon World Championships – 20km

      Oslo, Norway

  2. 2015
    1. 5th Place Overall: IBU Biathlon World Cup - Men’s Relay

      As part of the Austrian Biathlon Team

  3. 2014
    1. 2nd Place Overall: IBU Biathlon World Cup - Mass start

    2. 3rd Place: Winter Olympics - Biathlon - Men 4x7.5km Relay

      As part of the Austrian Olympic Team

      Sochi, Russia

    3. 2nd Place: Winter Olympics - 10km Sprint

      Sochi, Russia

    4. 1st Place: IBU Biathlon World Cup – Men 4.75 km Relay

      Ruhpolding, Germany

  4. 2010
    1. 2nd Place: Winter Olympics - Men 4x7.5km Relay

      Vancouver, Canada

  5. 2009
    1. World Champion - Mass Start