Ryo Sejiri

Tokyo’s top skateboarding talent

Ryo Sejiri performs a nollie backside bigspin during the filming of Red Bull Joy Tour in Sajik Sports Complex, Busan, South Korea on April 27th, 2013
© Chanzoo Park / Red Bull Content Pool

Hi, my name is Ryo Sejiri. My discipline is skateboard street. My friends call me Ryo. I was born on 11 December 1996 in Nerima, Tokyo. My special talent is tech deck collecting. My philosophy of life is by taking things one step at a time, someday your dream will come true. My favourite food is Sushi. My favourite music is anything.


By the time he was just 14 years old, Ryo Sejiri from Japan had already showed incredible form on his skateboard, winning the All Japan Skateboard Association (AJSA) title twice already in 2008 and 2010. Claiming the title for the first time at the tender age of 11, Ryo has been competing in contests around Asia since he was able to stand on a skateboard.

He’s already made a name for himself by scooping various amateur titles, as well as winning the Chumcheon World Leisure Cup (Korea) Asian Class and competing in the 2010 Damn Am contest in Minneapolis, USA.

The youngest ever AJSA Grand Champion took a spot on the Dew Tour in 2011, heading out to the US to skate with some of the world’s elite. In addition to his home-grown success – including a first place at the 2012 Real Toughness Tokyo competition – Ryo is always keen to show his skills at international level. His ultimate goal is to win the prestigious Tampa Pro competition in Florida, where the king of the ramp takes a $20,000 cash prize home and stands among legends such as Eric Koston, Greg Lutzka and P-Rod.

Back home in Nerima City, Tokyo – the birthplace of anime style animation – Ryo takes it all in his stride combining his school commitments with every spare moment spent on his skateboard.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2014
    1. 2nd Place: Arnette O’Marisquiño XIV

      Vigo, Spain

  2. 2014
    1. 3rd Place: Mystic SK8 Cup 2014 – Street

      Prague, Czech Republic

  3. 2013
    1. 1st Place: Mystic Sk8 Cup 2013 – Street

      Prague, Czech Republic

  4. 2012
    1. 7th Place: World Cup – Street

      Ostia, Rome

    2. 1st Place: Real Toughness Tokyo

      Tokyo, Japan

  5. 2011
    1. 28th Place: Dew Tour – Street

      Portland, Oregon

  6. 2010
    1. 1st Place: AJSA Grand Champion