Korahn Gayle

Skateboard Cafe main man and Bristol representative

Korahn Gayle, Frontside Blunt
© Davy Van Laere

Hi, my name is Korahn Gayle. My discipline is street skating. My friends call me Korahn. I was born on 3 March 1988 in Bristol, UK. My special talent is football. My philosophy of life is don't worry, be happy. My favourite food is homemade cheese, ham and tomato toasties. My favourite music is pretty much anything.


Korahn has established himself as one of the top boys in British street skating, no question.

Synonymous with the dynamic Bristol skate scene that bred him and a stalwart of the Lloyds blocks, Korahn came up onder the watchful eye of Justin 'Syd' Sydenham and UK legend Danny Wainwright as part of their 50- 50 shop team.

Perhaps unusually for a skater from way out West, Korahn keeps himself in good general shape and is a committed distance runner as well as a football nut.

The result of his conditioning means that he is ridiculously productive, knocking out parts for his beloved board sponsor Skateboard Cafe and independent flicks back to back as well as fulfilling his obligations to shoe sponsor Nike and getting immersed in the international Red Bull programme, last year hitting the Maldives (and appearing in Transworld as a result) and starring in the epic 'Shekel Me Not' Mid- East tour which ran for three weeks right here in early 2016.

We couldn't be more stoked to have Korahn's boundless energy and upful vibes on the squad!

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Career Highlights

  1. 2015
    1. Host: Red Bull DIY


  2. 2013
    1. Participant: Red Bull Joy Tour

  3. 2012
    1. Semi Finals: Simple session

      Tallinn, Estonia

    2. Participant: BaySixty6 relaunch

      London, UK

  4. 2011
    1. Best Trick: UKSA British Skateboarding Championships

      Hemel Hempstead, UK

  5. 2010
    1. 5th Place: UKSA British Skateboarding Championships - Street

      Corby, UK

  6. 2009
    1. 2nd Place: Rotterdam Grand Prix - Street Best Trick

      Rotterdam, Netherlands