Bruno Hoffmann

I'm just here to ride

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Hi, my name is Bruno Hoffmann. My discipline is BMX Street. I was born on 8 March 1993 in Frankfurt, Germany. My special talent is tearing it up. My philosophy of life is see the world, meet new people and have new experiences. My favourite food is pizza, pasta and baguettes. My favourite music is Slayer and Metallica.


German rider Bruno Hoffmann has been making a name for himself on the BMX circuit since 2009 and he's been influenced by many riders, but cites Garrett Reynolds and Chase Hawk amongst his favourites.

Bruno has already proved he has what it takes by claiming impressive finishes in the X Games, BMX Masters series of World Cup and World Championship events. His riding style is definitely distinct – possibly due to the fact that he still “rides for fun” with friends in the parks and streets of his hometown. Keen to discover new skills and moves, Bruno often touches base with underground riders to improve his stylish tricks.

Bruno impressed the judges at the Simple Session and also bagged second in the German Open in 2009. Bruno went on to pocket a first place at the Red Bull Trick or Treat event in 2010. His third place in the Dew Tour in 2012 and an impressive second place in the X Games in 2013 tipped him to be the next best thing – a prediction that looks like it could come true.

By picking up the Creativity Award at Vans Rebeljam and the Freedom BMX Rider of the Year award in 2014, Bruno has paved the way for himself to become a key player in the years to come.

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Bruno Hoffmann with a wall ride to dipped 180 in Frankfurt in 2015

At home with Bruno Hoffmann

BMX We visit the German street pro in Frankfurt and find out more about his BMX life in his home city.

Career Highlights

  1. 2014
    1. Freedom BMX Rider of the Year

  2. 2014
    1. Award: Creativity Award at Vans Rebeljam

      London, UK

  3. 2013
    1. 2nd Place: X Games Barcelona – BMX Street

      Barcelona, Spain

  4. 2012
    1. 3rd Place: Dew Tour

      San Francisco, USA

    2. 2nd Place: VANS rebeljam - BMX Street

      Tossa de Mar, Spain

    3. 1st Place: BMX Worlds Cologne

      Cologne, Germany

    4. 3rd Place: X Games Asia

      Shanghai, China

  5. 2010
    1. 4th Place: FISE Montpellier - BMX Park

      Montpellier, France