Sebastian Keep

There's nothing I enjoy more in the world than riding my bike

Sebastian Keep performing a 270 table at Talent skatepark in Oregon, USA
© George Marshall

Hi, my name is Sebastian Keep. My discipline is BMX Park. My friends call me Bas. I was born on 8 February 1983 in Hastings, UK. My special talent is my trick rate. My philosophy of life is a quote: man can achieve anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm. My favourite food is tacos. My favourite music is Donk.


UK-born Vert and Street specialist Sebastian ‘Bas’ Keep gained notoriety on the BMX scene well over a decade ago by back-flipping the ditch in an early Backyard Jam event.

Since his UK debut, Bas has earned a name for himself as an ambassador for European BMX on the international BMX stage. He has been cited as one of the sport’s most promising riders, thanks in part to his trick rate, which has been second only to US BMX legend Gary Young.

During his riding career, Bas has picked up a number of accolades and awards: in 2005, Bas was crowned Biggest Air Winner at the Etnies Backyard Jam, and in 2008 spearheaded the ‘Brighton Ain't Ready’ film project, spanning six months and based completely in Brighton. It was the most highly anticipated BMX film of the year. A year later, Bas came away with a win at Red Bull’s Soweto Sessions event in South Africa, which is some achievement given that the boy from Hastings can’t stand sitting on planes for any length of time!

By 2009 he had picked up the Best Rider award at the Nike 6.0 Tunnel Jam in the UK. Readers of Ride UK magazine voted Bas as the recipient of the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award, and the British rider almost rode to victory at VANS rebeljam, with a second place finish.

2013 was the year of the Quarter Master project, the biggest dirt quarter pipe ever made. It was shaped by fellow rider Kye Forte and built by Dan Atherton and a team from Revolution Bike Park in Llangynog, west Wales. After the four-month building process was finished it stood 26 feet tall, helping Bas reach a whopping 45 feet of air. In 2014 he added new features and invited the best riders yet again.

Bas now splits his time in between his UK base and stateside residence in Austin, Texas.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2014
    1. Award: Red Bull Dirt Conquers - Best Line

      Guadalajara, Mexico

  2. 2013
    1. Founder: Quarter Master project

      The biggest quarter pipe ever made.

      Llangynog, Wales

    2. RideUKBMX Reader Award: Best cover

      London, UK

  3. 2012
    1. 2nd Place: VANS rebeljam Park (Style Award)

      Tossa de Mar, Spain

    2. Ride UK Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award


  4. 2011
    1. 2nd Place: VANS rebeljam Park (Style Award)

      Eindhoven, Netherlands

  5. 2009
    1. 1st Place: Red Bull Soweto Sessions

      Johannesburg, South Africa

  6. 2007
    1. Best Rider: Nike 6.0 Tunnel Jam

      Hampshire, UK