Sergio Layos

I’m sure I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now if I hadn't started riding BMX

Sergio Layos performs a whip in his Backyard in Madrid, Spain on November 13th, 2013.
© Sebas Romero/Red Bull Content Pool

Hi, my name is Sergio Layos. My discipline is BMX Street. I was born on 13 July 1985 in Madrid, Spain. My special talent is my ultra-smooth, clean style. My philosophy of life is if you think you deserve to win, you don't deserve to win. My favourite food is vegetarian food and my mom's pisto.


Sergio started riding BMX when he was 11 - and if he has his way he’ll still be riding at 60. By 13, he was already turning heads, finishing in second place in the Expert class at a World Championship in Portugal. Given that, when he was growing up, there were hardly any skateparks in Spain, no sponsors and only a whisper of a BMX scene in existence in his home country, it's an incredible story.

Sergio travelled to Austin, Texas, where he met up with some of the sport’s leading riders, such as Rubén Alcántara and Álvaro Santalucía, who became mentors to the young rider, as well as Taj Mihelich and Joe Rich. 

As of 1999, Sergio has been active on the international BMX scene, and has become one of the top names in the sport, picking up many podium finishes along the way. But, through it all, he remains in touch with his roots, and refreshingly down to earth. And, when he’s not competing, Sergio can often be found in Majadahonda, helping to run the vegetarian restaurant he opened with his mother and his brother.

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Ruben Alcantara performing at his Malaga Waves skatepark in December 2013

Ruben’s Waves

BMX Ruben Alcantara builds the perfect concrete wave.

Sergio Layos Malta Rock Park Red Bull Shoot

Video: Rock Park

BMX The stone cliffs of Gozo provide a natural skatepark for Sergio Layos, Ben Hennon and Liam Eltham.

Career Highlights

  1. 2014
    1. 2nd Place: Arnette O'Marisquiño XIII - BMX Pro

      Vigo, Spain

  2. 2013
    1. 2nd Place: Arnette O'Marisquiño XIII - BMX Street

      Vigo, Spain

    2. 8th Place: Red Bull Dirt Conquers

      Guadalajara, Mexico

    3. 4th Place: X Games - BMX Park

      Barcelona, Spain

  3. 2012
    1. Finalist: Simple Session

      Tallinn, Estonia

  4. 2011
    1. 1st Place: Nike Pool Contest - Best Line Award

      Dagenham, UK

    2. 1st Place: VANS rebeljam - Style Award

      Eindhoven, Netherlands

  5. 2010
    1. 1st Place: VANS rebeljam - Style Award

      Portimão, Portugal