Panagiotis Manaras

Let’s do it, let’s have fun!

Panagiotis Manaras in March 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
© Ronny Skevis/Red Bull Content Pool

Hi, my name is Panagiotis Manaras. My discipline is BMX dirt and BMX street. My friends call me Panos. I was born on 31 October 1989 in USA, but I grew up in Athens. My special talent is my big bag of tricks. My philosophy of life is stay happy. The most important person in my life is my girl. My favourite food is pizza. My favourite music is rock, hardcore and punk.


Panagiotis 'Panos' Manaras describes himself as a simple man, crazy enough to do some of the most extreme moves on his BMX...

Always remaining positive with a deep-rooted love for riding his BMX regardless of the terrain, Greek athlete Manaras has even built a mini-ramp at home, complete with a spine so he, his brother and their friends can practise round the clock. The Bogiati Land Park is fast becoming a hotspot for fellow riders.

Since reaching a standard worthy of contest invites, Panos spends much of his time travelling around Europe and has tested his mettle in Germany, Italy, Austria and Estonia, which he particularly loved.

If you want to see Panos's phenomenal style in action, you can usually find him at contests such as the Simple Session, Ghetto Games, the BMX World Championships and BMX Masters...

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Career Highlights

  1. 2017
    1. 1st Place: North Jam

      Thessaloniki, Greece

  2. 2015
    1. Project: #Manaras247

      Ionian Islands, Greece

  3. 2013
    1. 9th Place: Ghetto Games

      Ventspils, Latvia

  4. 2012
    1. 1st Place: 45° NORD BMX Contest

      Moncalieri, Italy

  5. 2011
    1. Participant: Simple Session

      Tallinn, Estonia

  6. 2010
    1. Participant: Simple Session

      Tallinn, Estonia

  7. 2009
    1. 10th Place: Stadi Summer Session

      Helsinki, Finland

  8. 2008
    1. Participant: BMX Masters

      Cologne, Germany