Patrick Seabase

Taking on the world at super speed

Fixed gear cyclist Patrick Seabase prepares for his ultimate challenge
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Hi, my name is Patrick Seabase. My discipline is fixed gear/free cycling. I was born on 11 December 1983 in Switzerland. My special talent is photography, communication and music. My philosophy of life is always taste the fruit. My favourite food is anything Italian and vegetarian. My favourite music is thoughtful and heavy.


Patrick Seabase bought his first fixie basically because he thought fixie bikes were beautiful. He had been more interested in skateboards than road bikes, but the fixie was a game-changer. These days, he rides around 15,000km on his bike, almost half of which he completes on the fixie. “I ride my bikes until they fall apart,” he says.

For Patrick, riding is a rush. “It’s as if you’re strapped to a rocket and are extremely connected to the bike. Anything you do, you get 100 percent from the bike,” he explains. With no brakes, he rides over mountain passes, a gruelling climb up and a hazardous descent, using his legs and pedals against the turning wheels to slow down and stop – braking by sliding over asphalt with the back wheel. But, even at speeds of up to 83kph, he’s never out of control.

Patrick has also taken his fixie adventure to the next level, swapping his Swiss asphalt escapades for the steep unpaved roads of Eritrea. He captured his African adventure on film, bringing together his sporting prowess and creative talent into one neat package.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2015
    1. #Seabase1910

      Patrick rode the first mountain stage of the 1910 Tour de France in the French Pyrenees in a single day, with one gear only and no brakes


  2. 2014
    1. Short Film: Asmawa

    2. 13th Place: Red Bull Hill Chasers

      Edinburgh, UK

  3. 2013
    1. Edit: Galibier