Mads André Haugen

Fearless and playful!

Mads 'Makken' Haugen at Hillbilly Huckfest 2015
© Bård Basberg / Red Bull Content Pool

Hi, my name is Mads André Haugen. My discipline is MTB. My friends call me Makken. I was born on 12 July 1998 in Gjøvik. The most important person in my life is girlfriend, Linn. None above, none next to.. My favourite food is Norwegian cooking. My favourite music is something with impact!.


Mads Andre Haugen was born on a summer day in 1988 in Gjøvik, the city alongside the Mjøsa in Oppland County, Norway.

His acrobatic talent quickly became apparent through motorsport, but it was not until the age of 15 that 'Makken' turned to bikes – and was captured by the sense of freedom it gave him.

Since then he has always stretched the boundaries, and each year he rides a little bigger, tougher or steeper. The purpose is primarily to have fun and enjoy both the highs and the lows.

Cycling is his past and his future, and a place where he can express himself freely - without rules. For the third consecutive year in 2015 'Makken' was invited to participate in Red Bull Rampage, one of the toughest competitions for downhill bikers in a relentless landscape in Utah, USA.

Beyond that he breaks out of the traditional competition direction and rides primarily for its own sake. He is a pioneer in the bike community in Norway, and has helped to launch and build the Fest Series and Hillbilly Huckfest.

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