2012 FMB World Tour kicks off with Vienna Air King

The best of the action from Vienna Air King, with video highlights and key quotes from the riders

© Stefan Voitl/Red Bull Content Pool
2012 Vienna Air King
2012 Vienna Air King© Philipp Schuster/Red Bull Content Pool

Sam Pilgrim: "Today was a very hard day in the office. It was quite windy actually and the sun was going in and out so conditions were quite bad.

"Luckily, on the first runs there was a break in the weather to put in some tricks. My run went to plan and I led from then until the end so it was cool.Luckily for me for my first run the weather was all good.”

Sam Reynolds: "We've been waiting for two days because of the wind and rain," Reynolds said. "And there's actually a fallen over tree somehow in the middle of the street! The weather wasn't perfect, it was still windy in the finals, that's why I didn't do anything in the second run. Luckily for me for my first run the weather was all good and we could all get our final runs in.

"Yeah, I'm well happy, that was a good day. Obviously the best trick was Antoine Bizet's flip no-hands on that drop, which is like absurd. I couldn't even think imagine doing that. You have to pull back as hard as you can just to flip that thing and he managed to do that no-hander so that was pretty impressive.”

Bienvenido Aguado Alba: "I liked the contest but the weather was too bad for doing a real practice. There was no place for crazy tricks, almost anyone who tried one, crashed, or at least messed his run. Martin Söderström had a pretty bad-looking crash during practice (barspin to tailwhip attempt, to be precise) but fortunately not as serious as it looked. If not landing on their faces, many riders had problems with pulling their runs."

Vienna Air King – Results
1) Sam Pilgrim (GBR) 90.00 points
2) Sam Reynolds (GBR) 88.00
3) Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP) 86.33
4) Szymon Godziek (POL) 82.33
5) Linus Sjöholm (SWE) 81.00
6) Jakub Vencl (CZE) 80.00
7) Amir Kabbani (GER) 79.00
8) Louis Reboul (FRA) 76.00