Stars go Continental at factory

Danny Macaskill and friends get to see his new tyre being made in Germany!
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It's all very exciting for everyone, first of all testing the tyres of a couple of high-powered German motors en route to Korbach, then looking around the Continental factory on what would have to rank as one of the best school trips ever if you were a kid.

The prototype we've been working on for a year or so... it looks amazing!

The seven athletes - trial bikers Danny MacAskill and Kenny Belaey, freeride MTBers Richie Schley and Martin Soderstrom (Martin with a fresh facial injury from Vienna Air King!) and GT downhill team-mates Rachel Atherton, Dan Atherton and Marc Beaumont - get a personalised view of the inner workings of the plant and learn that making a tyre isn't just about pushing buttons. But some pushing of buttons is involved! 

It's especially awesome for MacAskill, who gets to see his very own tyre being manufactured and starts off the final five-minute vulcanising of the finished rubber in a high-temperature machine.

"The prototype we've been working on for a year or so... it looks amazing!" says Danny.

Danny Macaskill outside the Continental factory
Macaskill and friends outside Continental factory © Continental
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