Riders battle to be crowned King of the Hill

32 riders took to the streets of Bristol at Red Bull Hill Chasers in Bristol
Mountain Bike and BMX rider Michal Prokop on the streets of Prague 2010
Czech rider Michal Prokop in Prague 2010 © danvojtech.cz/Red Bull Content Pool
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Ben Simmons was crowned King of the Hill as 32 riders took to the streets of Bristol at Red Bull Hill Chasers in Bristol this weekend.

16 elite level riders and 16 cycling enthusiasts, spanning BMX, mountain bike, road cycling and fixed gear disciplines, came together in an attempt to settle the fierce debate of which bike discipline is best uphill, all of them aiming to be crowned "King of the Hill' and win one of the awesome, specially made, Charge bikes up for grabs.

The 32 riders competed in a gruelling series of head-to-head knockouts on the unforgiving incline of Park Street, in Bristol city centre. The riders were paired randomly giving amateur riders the chance to compete against the elite.

The fastest 16 riders from the open qualifiers battled against the following elite riders in the main event:

Ted King
Michal Prokop
Ed McParland
Dave Henderson
Jon Pybus
Chris Metcalfe
Jon Watson
Abi Greenaway
Juliet Elliot
Aidan Bishop
Lewis Lacey
Rob Reed
Jon Russell
Simon Truelove
Ed Trotman

One of the elite competitors, Multi World Champion, and Red Bull Athlete, Michal Prokop said: "I'm really looking forward to this unique race and am flying over to the UK especially for it. I have never seen anything like it. It's great that enthusiasts can compete side by side against top pros from different disciplines."

A knockout format halved the field until just two riders remained for the ultimate showdown. This year, the course has been shortened and pinch points added to make the race equal amongst all disciplines.

Michal Prokop
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