Interview: On tour with Messere at Berg Line

Fresh from a top-10 finish at FISE Montpellier, Anthony Messere was on the road to Winterberg
Anthony Messere Berg Line interview © Ian Hylands/Red Bull Content Pool
By Ryszard Syryczyński

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How was FISE for you?
FISE was awesome, the course was great. I really liked France and that was a good contest. I had three flights here – five-hour flight, eight-hour flight, two-hour flight – so all this took me pretty long to get here. We're here now, we're riding around and having a good time.

How was your trip from FISE to Germany?
From FISE [in Montpellier] to Germany, it's about 14 hours’ drive. We had this big huge bus with beds upstairs and a crazy TV that comes out of the wall. So, you know, then you're not feeling like it’s 14 hours, maybe like four.

How do you like the course?
Oh, the course looks sick. I've only had a look at a couple of features of it, but from what I heard it's awesome and works perfectly, so that's all you can ask for.

You know, to be on the podium of the FMB Tour would be awesome

Is it like, big enough for you?
Yeah, it's definitely big enough for me. First drop is massive, I'm definitely excited for that, I like big drops. Two big jumps, you know, I think there will be big tricks thrown on them.

What are your plans for the whole season?
I'll definitely go to all the local contests where I live in Canada. I'm coming to Europe for some big [FMB World Tour] Gold events again – for 26Trix, Chatel Mountain Style and Les2Alpes. Just ’cause it's kind of far to come to the smaller ones.

Do you have plans about being on the overall FMB World Tour 2012 podium?
You know, to be on the podium of the FMB Tour would be awesome. That's what all of us are trying to do. I'd like to try, but you never know. I guess we'll see a bit later in the year.

What about your new sponsor?
The Red Bull thing is definitely changing a lot in biking for me. They’re helping me progress, getting me to the place I need to be, and it's just crazy, you know. I'm trying to progress as much as I can.

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