Interview: Cam Zink at Berg Line

Cam Zink talks about Red Bull Berg Line, his season and big riding movie Where the Trail Ends
Cameron Zink in mid-air
Cam Zink
By Ryszard Syryczyński

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Have you ever been to Germany before?
I've been to Germany quite a few times, but I've never been to Winterberg. And it's funny because Red Bull Berg Line came by and I thought “Oh sweet, another one,” but I had no idea about DirtMasters, that it was such a big festival. But it's pretty amazing how many good riders are here and it's just great to see a place like this, where mountain biking is so big, so many dirt riders and downhill riders and everything.

And what about the course? How did you like it?
I love it. I'm not a huge fan of a bottom section, it's just kind a weird but it makes it longer than just a drop and the jumps. But I'm a huge fan of a big drop and the giant jumps. We're always asking organisers to make the jumps bigger and we got them and people are throwing down.

What are your goals for this season? Which FMB events do you want to visit?
We have one more film trip for Where The Trail Ends, we're going to Utah right after this so I won't be at 26Trix. But after this I'll be at essentially every Gold event, and Diamond events – Crankworx and Rampage. Just trying to stay healthy and when that happens usually I've been doing pretty well, trying to win. Staying healthy is the main thing and trying to do my best.

Can you tell us something about the Where The Trail Ends movie?
It's gonna be amazing. It's the different approach to 100 per cent big mountain riding. There's a lot of culture involved, a lot of travelling and behind-the-scenes stuff. It's not just “bike porn”, you know, like New World Disorder was. It's a different kind of movie. We've been to Argentina, China. I flew pretty much straight here from Nepal. We're going to Utah again, to northern BC. So essentially we're scouting the globe, looking for the best places to ride big bikes, ride downhill bikes and progress the sport. That's the thing I enjoy the most is riding downhill and big mountains so I’m pleased to be involved in it.

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