Panagiotis Manaras in 30 seconds

30 seconds is all Panagiotis Manaras was given to answer some quick - and random - questions from us
Panagiotis Manaras poses with his bike inside the full pipe in which he attempted to complete a full loop on BMX - May 14th 2012
Panagiotis Pyli Full Pipe Portrait - May 2012 © Samo Vidic/Red Bull Content Pool
By team

Who is your sporting hero and why? 
There's more than one - I call them "Fantastic 4" and they are Joe Rich, Ruben Alcandara, Mike Aitken and Matt Hofmann.

How do you unwind after an exhilarating bike session? 
I unwind by talking with my friends about the session, our future plans and various stuff from our everyday life. I also meet with my girlfriend - you know, some massage therapy and relaxation...!!!
Where is your favourite place to ride in the world and why? 
My dirt park Bogiatiland, because it's my home and I learned to ride there. Then there's Austin Texas at Terrible One's backyard, and Hush trails because I have amazing sessions there.
What is your biggest gripe in life?
When I run into traffic control police and they stop me to check my papers.
Panagiotis Manaras in action over a dirt ramp somewhere in Athens at dusk - November 2009
Panagiotis Manaras in Action over Athens - 2009 © Ilias Mertis/Red Bull Content Pool
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