Anton Evstifeev in 30 seconds

30 seconds is all we gave Anton to answer a few random questions put to him by the Red Bull team.
Portrait of Anton Evstifeev holding a can of Red Bull - Moscow, Russia 2nd July 2011
Anton Evsifeev Portrait 2011 © Danil Kolodin/Red Bull Content Pool
By team

Anton Evstifeev is regarded as one of the best all-round BMX riders in Russia. But how does he perform when we give him just half a minute to answer as many random questions as we can throw at him? Read on to find out...

Who is your sporting hero, and why?
I'm trying to be my own hero. Every man is his own hero in some way.

How to you unwind after an exhilerating bike session?
I like active life; I like to play football with my friends. During summertime I like to read, lying on the beach near the river. BMX season never really ends, so I usually rude during winter in the extreme parks, and I never get tired of it.

Where is your favourite place to ride in the world, and why?
This could be any place - a spot near my house or a giant dirt park. Every place is good for riding, as long as my friends are with me.

What is your biggest gripe in life?
Adrenaline, I think!

That's it, time's up!

Anton Evstifeev performing tricks during a night time ride around town - November 2011
Anton Evistfeev Action 2011 © Danil Kolodin/Red Bull Content Pool
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