Video: Hibernation – Matthias Dandois

Matthias escaped the French winter by staying inside, developing a new BMX style – here's the result
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Outstanding competitor Matthias Dandois remains an innovator at heart, and the Parisian prodigy wanted to try something new by visiting the small town of Coignières in Yvelines to enjoy a top secret spot, where he was able to test many new tricks.

This new project, entitled Hibernation BMX, has enabled Matthias to try and learn a whole new range of tricks that are much more oriented to 'street', whilst at the same time achieving a high quality video with his good friend Hadrien Picard. And once again it’s clear that Matthias has succeeded!

We suggest you watch the video in question, and then experience the entire project through Matthias’ diary. Also read an exclusive interview with this world champion flatland rider about Hibernation BMX here.

BMX Hibernation Diary

- The spot was at one and a half hours from Paris by train so it's been many hours of trains. I started to read books - it's not a bad thing...

- I know all the station controllers in Paris-Montparnasse Rambouillet.

- The spot consisted of two inclined planes, a fly out, a curb, a wall, a palette and a wheelie off a ramp to gain speed.

- By moving the modules, we could have a different area each time. There were almost infinite choices.

- The modules were reinforced with steel, very tough and very heavy to carry or move; I did low-cost weight training.

- We decided to film at night to play with the lights and shadows, so we started to shoot around 8pm and it ended at 3am. That night was not convenient for our family situations!

- I spent more time with Hadrian with my girlfriend this winter.

- I tried to do things never seen or done before, so it took us quite a bit of testing each time. (450 attempts for the last clip!)

- The spot was covered and heated so I could train day and night without worrying about passers by, weather, etc. ... it's still the best!

- I learned more tricks in 3 months than I’ve done in 3 years.

- The spot is located in the Different Character warehouses. It’s full of boxes, mannequins, and display equipment, so it was a bit freaky to be there at 3am in the dark!

- The spot is located in the town of Coignières in département 78 (west of Paris).

- The baker is the sole point of interest in Coignières.

A warehouse set up for BMX riding
Matthias Dandois Hibernation Warehouse Shot

 - This spot is usually what Alex Jumelin uses when performing flatland BMX, therefore he has to start doing street BMX for a month.

- Alex didn’t want to get down to street.

- The units were built in Abbeville, we had a fun time transporting them. We had rented a 20 cubic metre truck, but despite having played Tetris a lot as a kid, Hadrian had to make two round-trips.

- I decided to shoot lines with street modules. In the first video, there's half flat lines and half Street lines. Then I only really wanted to do tricks on modules.

- No one but us knows of the existence of this spot.

- This is the first time I got scared whilst riding.

- This is the first time I fell flat on my face like that.

- The tricks in the video clips are all tricks I’ve never done before.

- Lots of pizza and Red Bull was consumed.

- We went to shoot there 10 times

- Hadrian used many GB of memory cards.

- Street flat is the future!

View through the viewfinder of the camera during Matthias Dandois' BMX video Hibernation, 2012
Hibernation shoot on location outside of Paris
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