Thomas Oehler in 30 seconds

Thomas Oehler has half a minute to answer as many questions as he can in our quick hits Q&A round.
Thomas Oehler performing on his trial bike in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark as part of the Red Bull Danish launch on 17th November 2009
Thomas Oehler Performing for Red Bull Denmark 2009 © Daniel Kolodin/Red Bull Content Pool
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Get to know Red Bull Trials rider Thomas Oehler a little bit better courtesy of our quick-fire questions...

Who is your sporting hero and why?
I really dig people who are amazingly talented in many different sports, so one of my sporting heroes is definitely Travis Pastrana. He changed the world of FMX but he's also great with BMX bikes, rally cars or even monster trucks... Guess there's only one thing missing for him - winning the Red Bull Hair Scramble!

How do you unwind after an exhilarating bike session?
Usually with another bike session... I love the variety of bicycles sports, so after a crazy trial session I hang out for a while, then grab my MTB and go for a little ride up and down the hill.

Where is your favourite place to ride in the world and why?
America is always great, whether you search for natural spots or more streety stuff, the USA has it all. One of my favourite cities was San Diego as it has incredible riding spots downtown... yeah, mostly illegal, but usually it takes the security 20-30 minutes to notice us!

What is your biggest gripe in life?
For me the biggest gripe in life is the imbalance of the recourses in this world. There are many poor countries where the battle of life is to get food and water. I think it's great to try to help countries like that a little bit, even as a bike rider. Check out the wheels 4 life organization founded by former Trials-Rider and Trials Idol Hans Rey, it's great how much one rider can move...

Thomas Oehler during a remarkably 'blue' shoot in Klagenfurt, Austria on April 24th 2009
Thomas Oehler Blue Action Shoot in Austria 2009 © Bull Content Pool
Thomas Oehler
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