Thomas Oehler's top video picks

Check out Thomas' top 'must-see' online video clips from the world of MTB and extreme sports.
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We asked Thomas Oehler to come up with his three top online video picks from the world of MTB and extreme sports, and the Austrian world record holder came back to us with a pretty awesome selection.

First up is fellow Red Bull Trials biker Danny MacAskill, in his video 'Way Back Home'. So why did Thomas opt for this particular clip? "Incredible riding and stunning pictures!" Thomas enthuses. "Danny found some streety spots in nature, which creates a very unique scenery that at that time wasn't seen before on a Trials clip."

Second in line is Chris Akkrigs 'A Hill in Spain'.

"Chris is one of my favorite riders ever," Thomas explains. "A couple years ago I met him at a competition in London and I got totally hooked on his riding style! This video is great mix between Trials and Mountainbike and always makes me wanna get on the next trail immediately."

And last but by no means least is Thomas' final pick, 'People Are Awesome', showcasing some stunning talent in the world of extreme sports and, it seems, random (but awesome) talents. Explaining why it makes his top three, Thomas says "I like this clip because it's a great mix of extreme and fun people doing what they love and following their passion".

Check out Thomas' top picks below.

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