Mixing it up in Monterrey

Kenny Belaey visited Monterrey to mix it up at the various riding spots on offer in the Mexican city
Portrait of Kenny Belaey after perfoming some tricks in Monterrey, NL, Mexico on October 1st, 2011
Kenny Belaey portrait in Monterrey, Mexico - 2011 © Mauricio Ramos/Red Bull Content Pool
By redbull.com team

With a multitude of World Cup titles, tours and tv shows under his belt, Belgian rider Kenny Belaey is one of the most well-travelled MTB trial bike riders in the world.

Having visited such far-flung riding spots in countries including South Africa, the US, New Zealand, Mali, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Taiwan to date, Kenny was on the look-out for some new riding opportunities - and made Monterrey in Mexico the next must-see location on his list. 

Along with Red Bull photographer Mauricio Ramos, Kenny took time out of his busy schedule to head out to Monterrey in October. The historic Mexican city offered more than just a fantastic backdrop to Kenny's photo shoot - check out the video below to see how Kenny mixed it up in Monterrey.

© Mauricio Ramos/Red Bull Content Pool
Kenny Belaey
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