Kenny Belaey's Bigtime Adventure

Kenny brings trials to the biggest audience yet, with his TV show Kenny Belaey's Bigtime Adventure.
Kenny Belaey on natural terrain in Cape Town, South Africa - 2nd April 2010
Kenny Belaey on natural terrain - Cape Town 2010 © Kolesky/Red Bull Content Pool
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Kenny Belaey has been a long-time participant and advocate in the sport of trials biking. His relentess touring, exhibiting and competing has helped to bring trials biking into the spotlight to a wider MTB audience. 

His latest venture sees Kenny's trials biking escapades brought to his widest audience yet. The show is entitled 'Kenny Belaey's Bigtime Trial Adventure' and is due to be broadcast via the Extreme Sports Channel, following Kenny as he takes a road trip through South Africa, making the most of the trials riding opportunities along the way. 

"When the idea came up in 2008, nobody was really showing the sport on a worldwide TV platform yet, apart from some really cool internet videos," Kenny explains on his dedicated TV series website. "Because I like new challenges, I convinced my sponsors to make a kind of documentary about the sport wherein I wanted to show the viewers everything trials has to offer."

"... All year long we woke up with this project in mind and went to sleep with it and the hardest part was to stay focused on the tight training schedule, but together with my coach Paul we figured it all out... so it was a great reward to me to become UCI's number 1 again in 2009 and 2010."

Check out the teaser trailer for kenny Belaey's Bigtime Adventure below. 

© Kolesky/Red Bull Content Pool
Kenny Belaey
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